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Have you ever tried to take a group photo where everyone is mid-jump and airborne at the same time? It is not an easy feat. The Total Jump Live phone app is a fun way to coordinate jumps with friends and family standing in the same room as well as people around the world.  

Let the countdown begin and time your jump to land on zero! Watch for global jump notifications to land in sync with other Total Jump users around the world!

The difficulty of getting every able-bodied person to take part in the Total Jump combined with the ease and fun of training for it invites the audience to bridge the gap between a postmodern pluralistic world and the necessity of global coordinated solutions to immense problems facing the human race.

Starting October 1st Global Total Jumps are scheduled to happen once a day at the following times:

Sunday 12pm

Monday 1pm

Tuesday 2pm

Wednesday 3pm

Thursday 4pm

Friday 5pm

Saturday 6pm

*Global Total Jumps will happen at 6pm October 7th and 5pm October 15th & 16th as part of the opening of CWOS at Artspace and Game On! at the Armory in New Haven, CT.